“Just as we believe in supporting our artisans in Italy, we believe (especially as a female-founded brand) in supporting other women. The chance to not only highlight our artisans' age-old craft but also remind women of the present and future of all that we can accomplish by looking at those of the past? That was a no-brainer. And we're honored to collaborate with a like-minded brand to further our efforts through this charitable collection.”
"For us, art is an expression of the human experience. This collection was inspired by the narratives of four iconic female artisans who paved the way for the creators of today. Honoring their legacies as historical trailblazers, we nurture our individuality and gratitude forgetting to do what we love. In collaboration with a fellow female-founded brand, we devote our work to this charitable collection and encourage you to champion each other's strengths. There's no shortage of magic when women support women."