M.Gemi Video:

The Magic of M.Gemi is the Magic of Italy.

M.Gemi Video:

The Magic of M.Gemi is the Magic of Italy.

...And that magic comes to life through our founder, Maria Gangemi. By partnering with artisans in Toscana, Pisa, Sorrento, and more, she brings Italian luxury to your doorstep (without the typical made-in-Italy price tag).

Italian Luxury from Maria Gangemi

“I founded M.Gemi to keep the traditional Italian artistry passed from generation to generation alive for the next. To bring their work to fellow shoe-lovers. To break the mold.

The Felize was the first shoe we ever crafted, and it has remained a favorite ever since. Our newest iteration adds a mule silhouette, giving your favorite driver a fun twist with playful fringe.”

Italian Artistry with a Familial Feel

Maria set out to save true Italian craftsmanship and family-owned workshops. Their families are our family.

Paolo is the artisan behind our newest Positano sandal, the Medio, crafted using the traditional techniques native to the region. Buying a pair of his sandals is like buying a small piece of Italian history.  

Perfect Pairings

What to wear from hand to toe for all your spring outings. Your favorite shoes have met their match.

Let’s Social-ize

We’re stepping out this season, and we’re doing it in a new pair of shoes (many pairs). Tag @mgemi to show us where you’re wearing your M.Gemis and follow along the fun.

New. Now.


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