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There’s thought and meaning to how we do what we’re doing.
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True Moccasin Construction arrow down

True moccasin construction is a traditional shoemaking technique that involves a one-piece design, where the upper part of the shoe is crafted from a single piece of material that wraps around the foot and is stitched to a soft sole. The sole is usually made of the same piece of leather or a similarly pliable material, creating a flexible and comfortable shoe. This method results in a minimalist, lightweight, and highly flexible shoe with a distinctive, seam-free look.

Singeing & Gassing arrow down

Singeing and gassing are critical processes in the shoemaking industry. Singeing involves passing the shoe's upper material over an open flame or heated surface to remove loose fibers, creating a smooth surface. This not only enhances the material's appearance but also reduces the risk of fraying. Gassing, on the other hand, utilizes a controlled flame or chemical treatment to eliminate any residual impurities and organic matter from the material. This process ensures a clean, uniform surface for subsequent treatments and finishes, contributing to the durability and aesthetics of the final product. Singeing and gassing are fundamental steps in achieving high-quality footwear.

Sacchetto Construction arrow down

Sachetto construction is a traditional shoemaking technique known for its exceptional comfort and flexibility. In this method, the shoe's upper and lining are stitched together and then turned inside out. This results in a soft, glove-like interior with no visible seams or stitching on the insole, providing an extraordinarily comfortable fit with a natural flex and breathability. Its craftsmanship often requires more time and skill, but the result is a shoe prized for its supple feel and luxurious comfort.

Seamless Heel Construction arrow down

Seamless heel construction is a technique that focuses on eliminating visible seams and stitching at the back of the shoe, where the heel meets the upper. Instead of traditional stitching, the upper material is expertly folded, molded, and bonded to the heel counter or lining, creating a smooth, continuous surface. This not only provides a sleek and elegant look but also reduces the risk of irritation and blisters. Seamless heel construction is a testament to fine craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a commitment to comfort and style—and you’ll find it across all of M.Gemi’s heel styles.

Italian Materials

EVA Rubber arrow down

EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) rubber is a lightweight, cushioning material that is used for its shock-absorbing and comfort-enhancing properties.

Genuine Gommini Rubber arrow down

Genuine Gommini rubber is a premium, high-quality rubber material known for its exceptional durability and traction.

Suede arrow down

Suede is a soft, velvety leather with a napped surface, created from the underside of animal hide.

Nubuck arrow down

Nubuck is a top-grain leather that's been sanded to create a velvety, suede-like surface.

Tumbled Leather arrow down

Tumbled leather undergoes a tumbling process to achieve a soft, textured finish. It enhances durability, hides imperfections, and gives a unique, worn-in appearance.

Calf Leather arrow down

Calf leather is beloved for its softness, fine grain, and durability. It is derived from the hide of young calves, making it more supple than leather from older animals.

Kid Leather arrow down

Kid leather is a premium, exceptionally soft and supple leather sourced from the hides of young goats. It is praised for its fine grain, luxurious texture, and durability.

Vachetta Leather arrow down

Vachetta leather is a premium, untreated leather that develops a unique patina over time, gaining character and richness with age.

Lug Sole arrow down

A lug sole is a rugged and durable outsole with deep, pronounced treads designed for improved traction. It’s the perfect combination of fashion and function.

Crepe Sole arrow down

A crepe sole is made from a natural rubber compound, known for its cushioning and traction.

Margom Sole arrow down

Margom soles are premium rubber outsoles known for their durability and comfort. Popular in high-end sneakers, they offer excellent traction and cushioning for lasting wear.

Anatomy Of A Shoe

Upper arrow down

A shoe's upper is the part that encases the foot and extends from the sole to the top of the shoe. The upper's design influences the shoe's appearance, comfort, and functionality.

Lining arrow down

A shoe's lining is the inner layer that serves to enhance comfort, moisture-wicking, and insulation. A well-crafted lining ensures a cozy, breathable interior, reducing friction while adding to the overall quality and feel of the shoe.

Sole arrow down

A shoe's sole is the crucial bottom piece that provides traction, cushioning, and protection. Soles can have diverse patterns and thicknesses to suit different activities and terrains.

Heel arrow down

A shoe's heel, typically found at the rear, plays a crucial role in stability, height, and style. Heels come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, catering to fashion preferences and practical needs while also impact posture and comfort.


Small Batch Production arrow down

Small batch production is a manufacturing approach that focuses on producing limited quantities of a product, typically in small quantities or limited runs. It allows for greater flexibility, customization, and quality control, and ensures efficient resource management while meeting specialized demand.

Leather Working Group arrow down

The Leather Working Group (LWG) is an organization focused on improving the environmental and ethical standards in the leather industry. LWG provides certification and auditing processes for leather manufacturers, promoting sustainable practices, responsible sourcing, and reduced environmental impact within the leather supply chain. M.Gemi is proud to work with LWG to source responsible leather and offer a product that you can feel good about.

Made In Italy, Made By Italy arrow down

“Made in Italy” is nice. But Made By Italy? That’s something different. That’s generations of family craft: year-round, small-batch, and by hand. We’re not just made in Italy, we’re made by Italy.