What do I need to know about fit?

First, we offer free shipping and returns so there is no risk in trying more than one pair in the comfort of your home. M.Gemi shoes are sized according to Italian sizing, which is more exact than U.S. sizing. If you know your Italian size, that’s a good place to start. We also offer a fit tool on the site to help you land on the perfect size. We provide fit notes for our shoes on the site based on design (some start out snug but are designed to stretch for a custom fit) and based on feedback from our staff testers who try out every shoe. Fit is also a matter of preference. Clients should generally size up for a looser fit (or possibly a wider foot) and down if a snug fit is preferred. And, of course, free shipping and returns means there’s no risk in trying more than one pair. You can also text us at 781.836.4364; we’re here and happy to help.